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Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development -- Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Sutton, Antony C.

1968, January 1

western tech soviet econ vol 3

Volume One 1917-1930 published 1968

By far the most significant factor in the development of the Soviet economy has been its absorption of Western technology and skills. Previously this technological transfer has not been treated in detail; hence the data that comprise Part I of this study are thoroughly documented. Without such documentation, the argument of Part II would appear less than credible. The reader may, however, wish to pass on to Part II after briefly satisfying himself with the general content of Part I. Chapter two discussing Soviet oil, and chapter eleven, on electrical equipment, are representative of the empirical treatment of key sectors in Soviet industry.

The primary sources for data are the U.S. State Department Decimal Pile and the German Foreign Ministry Archives, supplemented by journals in half a dozen languages from a dozen countries. Of these, the journals published by Soviet trade representatives abroad were of particular help.

Volume Two 1930-1945 published 1971

This is the second volume of an empirical study of the relationship between Western technology and entrepreneurship and the economic growth of the Soviet Union.

The continuing transfer of skills and technology to the Soviet Union through the medium of foreign firms and engineers in the period 1930 to 1945 can only be characterized as extraordinary. A thorough and systematic search unearthed only two major items—SK-B synthetic rubber and the Ramzin ‘once-through’ boiler—and little more than a handful of lesser designs (several aircraft, a machine gun, and a motorless combine) which could accurately be called the result of Soviet technology; the balance was transferred from the West.

Volume Three 1945-1965 published 1973

This is the third volume of an analysis of the impact of Western technology and skills on the industrial development of the Soviet Union. With this volume, which covers the years 1945-1965, the original hypothesis that by far the most significant factor in the development of the Soviet economy has been its absorption of Western technology and skills 1 is substantially supported over a period of 50 years.

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