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U. S. Money vs. Corporation Currency "Aldrich Plan"

Crozier, Alfred Owen

1912, January 1

US Money

Alfred Owen Crozier (1863–1939) was a Midwest attorney who wrote eight books on the political, legal, and monetary problems of the United States.  He is best known for his work US Money Vs Corporation Currency, “Aldrich Plan,” Wall Street Confessions! Great Bank Combine (1912), which argues against the formation of The Federal Reserve. He feared national banking, but he feared private control of the United States money system even more.

Greater Context

Here is one article about “What Was the Aldrich Plan?” Note that lewrockwell.com is a libertarian website, so is in line with austrian economics. Do a search on The Aldrich Plan to find out more yourself!

U. S. Money vs. Corporation Currency is also available as an audiobook:


The Creature from Jekyll Island goes into great deal about the creation of the Federal Reserve, so goes along well with the book here, U. S. Money vs. Corporation Currency.

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