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The Uyghur Crisis: China's Cultural Genocide

Oslo Freedom Forum

2019, June 3

Uyghur Crisis Turkel

Over the past decade, the Chinese Communist Party’s imprisonment of the Uyghur people has been the largest internment of an ethnic minority since World War 2. Lawyer and activist Nury Turkel spoke at the 2019 Oslo Freedom Forum to advocate for the freedom of those living in conditions that have been compared to Stalin’s Gulag and Nazi Germany.


Greater Context

One can often get more accurate, truthful news outside of the US.

From The Conversation in Australia, the Explainer:

     Who are the Uyghurs and why is the Chinese government detaining them?

Here is a news report from NewsX in India:

     China’s Chilling Uighur Truth — NewsX

From AlJazeera News, the following report:

     China’s treatment of Uighurs is ‘crimes against humanity’

Other resources about the plight of the Uyghurs:

     China’s Mass Internment of Uighurs Is a ‘Modern Cultural Genocide’

     Beyond the Statistics: Uyghur Women & China’s Brutalities

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