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The Matrix


1999, March 31

Matrix movie

Yes, this is a science-fiction movie! So why is it a resource on this website?

As succinctly explained by Roseanne Lindsay (source article):

A covenant is a contract. According to the rules of engagement in the universe, all contracts require the consent of the population before any action is taken due to possible adverse effects. This is a principle of Universal law. Even if the authors or historians are only able to gain consent through silent acquiescence, consent remains critical, since it moves the karma from them to us. The karmic ball is suddenly in the people’s court. Self-induced karma. We are responsible for the consequences.

What if there truly is an Universal law involving consent, and what if because of that, in order to adhere to this Universal law, truth is disclosed in many indirect ways?

What if the movie, The Matrix, is disclosing truth?

Watch the movie with this in mind. Additionally, a couple of resources below address this issue, discussing meanings within The Matrix.

Where to Find Resource Online

There are plenty of ways to watch the movie The Matrix if one is already subscribed to Amazon Prime, Netflix or many other movie providers!


Full movie:

Source link to this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Op0jTRbqpVBj

Here is a video entitled The Hidden Meaning Behind The Matrix with Ashley Berges and David Williams

There are a lot of interpretations as to what The Matrix is disclosing, so be sure to do your own search!

Source link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80PNNDda_fk

Greater Context

Here is another article that delves into the hidden meaning behind The Matrix:

     The Matrix: Meaning & Interpretations by The Matrix 101

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