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The Journey Home

Berman, Phillip L.

1998, January 1

journey home

We’ve all seen newspaper articles and bestselling books about the phenomenon of near-death experiences. Those who have had such experiences return to report travels to unknown horizons beyond the mundance realm of our daily lives. But what do these experiences teach us?

Award-winning author Phillip Berman, a Harvard-educated theologian and himself a survivor of a near-death experience, believes we can derive much more than inspiration from these stories. By looking closely at near-death and mystical experiences, we can all share in their majesty and power; they can give our lives new meaning. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with people who have had these experiences, Berman explores the universal truths their reports reveal, allowing us to see that their spiritual journeys have immediate relevance to all our lives.

Showing us how sharing these transformative experiences helps us cultivate self-love and extreme compassion, and expands our spiritual horizons, Berman ultimately leads us toward an abiding sense of purpose and a belief in the overwhelming value of love.

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The book can be purchased online:

     Simon & Schuster

     Barnes & Noble


Digital versions can be “borrowed” if a member of Internet Archive:

     Internet Archive


Dr. George Rodonaia’s Near Death Experience:

Dr. Rodonaia’s experience is included within The Journey Home. Dr. Rodonaia explains part of his amazing death experience; killed by the KGB, pronounced dead, taken to the morgue for three days and returned to life during his own autopsy. Dr. Rodonaia was a psychiatric researcher who worked for the KGB and later became a dissident. He was a scientist trained in historical materialism and did not believe in God. When he left his body he went into a world of light and love and found out that God Is.

Source link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcEbQdy-BAM

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