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Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages

Tenpenny, Sherri

2008, June 16

no vaccines tenpenny

The most comprehensive guide explaining how and why vaccines are detrimental to your and your childs health. At a time when the vaccine controversey is becoming increasingly hostile, this book offers an in-depth examination of how Saying No to Vaccines can save your and your childs life. Well respected, Dr. Tenpenny is an Internationally recognized expert and the first physician to offer documented proof that vaccines do compromise the immune system. Dr. Tenpenny has the courage and the determination to express a minority view, substantiating her work with citations directly from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) documents and respected, peer-reviewed journals, offering irrefutable facts that fly in the face of information generally regarded as truth in traditional medical circles.

Where to Find Resource Online

This book is no longer in print and difficult to find (used copies are expensive).

Check out these websites to find used copies:



Digital versions are freely available online:

     Internet Archive

Greater Context

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s home page:

     Dr. Tenpenny

Dr. Tenpenny’s website about vaccine news:

     VAXXTER: Scientific Articles Exposing Vaccine Myths and Pharma Foibles

Dr. Tenpenny does a weekly podcast with Dr. Larry Palevsky:

     Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P

Dr. Tenpenny has a weekly show on the WVW Broadcast Network (alternative news website):

     The Tenpenny Files TV with Dr. T (click on the TV tab to the right of the Radio tab if content is blank)

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