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Robert O. Dean - ET Contact


2012, January 25

robert o dean et contact

Bob Dean shares his UFO experiences and how they’ve affected his “truth of the reality.” This interview was shot on January 25, 2012 in Arizona. It had been reserved for a Television show that my production partners and I had pitched — ‘Search4Truth: Internet Chatter and Claims Investigated”. It never got picked up.

In late January 2016, we agreed to release all the surviving raw interview footage to the public. This is one of a handful of interviews that I’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

As mentioned in the introduction of this video, this video was built from a copy of the original, which was lost in a rather nasty failure of multiple systems.

I wanted to meet Bob Dean; because, I am an experiencer. It’s not easy carrying around an experience like mine – not knowing whether anyone else have had a similar contact experience. When I shared the details with Bob, he was most gracious. If you hear me laughing in the video, it comes from excitement. I am not laughing at Bob.


Greater Context

Robert O. Dean’s presenatation at MUFON in L.A., 2001:

     Ret. Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean The Next Millennium: An End or a Beginning

A 2007 interview of Bob Dean by Project Camelot:

     Bob Dean : An Officer and a Gentleman

A 2012 interview with both Bob Dean and Clifford Stone:

     Twilight of the Old Boys Network

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