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Planned Chaos

von Mises, Ludwig

1961, April 1

Planned Chaos_Mises

This new edition of Planned Chaos features a new introduction by Chris Westley of Jacksonville State University. The introduction brings this classic up to date — not that it has ever fallen out of date or ever will.

The title comes from Mises’s description of the reality of central planning and socialism, whether of the national variety (Nazism) or the international variety (communism). Rather than create an orderly society, the attempt to central plan has precisely the opposite effect. By short-circuiting the price mechanism and forcing people into economic lives contrary to their own chosing, central planning destroys the capital base and creates economic randomness that eventually ends in killing prosperity.

This important work was written decades after Mises’s original essay on economic calculation and includes the broadest and boldest attack on all forms of state control.

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The book is available for free; one can read at the website or download it as a PDF or epub file:

     Planned Chaos at the Mises Institute

One can also purchase their own copy of the book:

     Mises Institute Store

PDF Document

     Planned Chaos

     Caos Planificado (Spanish)

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