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Planet Lockdown Documentary

Planet Lockdown

2021, June 1

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NOTE: This resource is not out yet!

Planet Lockdown is a 90-minute documentary (yet to be released) on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every time.

All the full interviews are being released to make the information available for free. Each interview is mirrored several times, can be downloaded in full resolution and via the BitTorrent protocol to make the content censor resistant. By watching all the interviews, you will have the equivalent of a masters degree on current events.

Where to Find Resource Online

Main website for this documentary: Planet Lockdown

The full interviews obtained in the making of this documentary are available to view. Here is the list of people who have given interviews:

  • Anna: 18 year old girl.
  • Sucharit Bhakdi MD: Most cited microbiologist in German academic history.
  • Emma: 11 year old girl from Portugal.
  • Catherine Austin Fitts: Geopolitical and Financial Analyst, Solarireport.com.
  • Reiner Fuellmich: Global Fraud Attorney.
  • German Protest Movement — Boddi Shiffman & Samuel Eckert: Activists; Markus Haintz: Civil Rights Attorney.
  • Alexandra Herion-Caude: Geneticist.
  • Scott Jensen MD: Family Doctor, Minnesota State Senator, Voted Best Minnesota Family Doctor in 2016.
  • Václav Klaus: Former Prime Minister of Czech Republic, and one of Europe’s greatest advocates for economic and political freedom.
  • Claus Köhnlien MD: Specialist in internal medicine in the Dept. of Oncology, Univ. of Kiel. Private Physician.
  • H.S.H Prince Michael of Liechtenstein: Executive Chairman Industrie-und Finanzkontor, Founder & Chairman Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG.
  • Carrie Madej, MD: Doctor and Activist.
  • Marco in the Mountains: Free Thinker.
  • David E. Martin, PhD: Financial analyst and entrepreneur.
  • Daniel Model: Businessman, thinker, benefactor of the arts.
  • Mads Palsvig: Former Investment Banker, politician and activist.
  • Pam Popper: Founder, Wellness Forum Health. Provides Health Education for providers and consumers.
  • Jay W. Richards: Assistant Research Professor in the School of Business and Economics at The Catholic University of America.
  • Astrid Stuckelberger: WHO Whistleblower.
  • Sherri Tenpenny, DO: Osteopathic medical doctor.
  • Knut Wittkowski: World Class Epidemiologist, last worked at Rockefeller University in NY as Head, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, Center for Clinical & Translational Science.
  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: Doctor, former Publish Health officer, former German Parliament member and Council of Europe member.
  • Michael Yeadon: Former Former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for 16 years. Founder of successful pharma start-up.
  • Planet Lockdown Full Interviews


    The trailer for Planet Lockdown:

    Source link to this video: https://rumble.com/vd11zn-planet-lockdown-documentary-trailer.html

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