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Mommy, Where Does Money Come From?

Titus, John

2019, April 15

Mommy Money Titus

In this episode of Mafiacracy Now we see in irrefutably cold detail how the criminal banking cartel maintains not only control of, but sovereign status within, the U.S.

Everything else is piss, dodge, sham and weave.

The book of Leviticus will end up looking like a fantasy vacation before these inbred psychopaths are finished with our husks.

The launchpad for this springtime message of hope is a scientific paper in the field of… gasp… economics! No. Seriously. Not some stealth advocacy team slinging equations from tensor calculus and diff-EQ like the coked-out snake oil salesmen who define that sad “profession.” But a real paper about an actual experiment. Behold:


You won’t see this one in your econ textbook, that’s for damn sure.


Mommy, Where Does Money Come From?:

Source link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_dBKAWHHQI

PDF Document

If you need help understanding economic terms and concepts, here is a really good resource:

     Investopedia Dictionary

Check out John Titus’s BestEvidence channel, which includes his Mafiacracy Now series:

     BestEvidence YouTube

John Titus videos can also be found on the Solari Report (by Catherine Austin Fitts) website:

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