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Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Children's Health Defense

2021, March 11


From the Defender — Children’s Health Defense News & Views:

Medical Racism illuminates the shocking history of human experimentation targeting Blacks by government health regulators and private pharmaceutical companies.

Many Americans are familiar with the historic medical atrocities committed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Tuskegee, by the father of American gynecology, Dr. J. Marion Sims on South Carolina slave girls and the continuing medical larceny against Henrietta Lacks. But most people are likely unaware of the routine medical barbarism against Africans that persists today.

“Medical Racism” pulls back the curtain on experimentation atrocities hiding in plain sight and takes us on an unprecedented journey to unearth the truth.

The powerful documentary reveals:

  • That medical racism has happened before, and why we’re raising awareness to make sure it doesn’t happen again
  • How racism in the drug industry impacts the Black community
  • Why, when our bodies and risk are involved, it shouldn’t be about governmental control
  • How to feel empowered to have a voice about your health choices
  • Medical Racism is the most powerful and important documentary ever produced on medical experimentation and other abuses against African Americans and African people on the continent of Africa,” said Curtis Cost, author of “Vaccines Are Dangerous — A Warning to the Global Community.” “I am extremely proud of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for having the courage to produce this desperately needed documentary.”

    Cost added: “It was Sen. Ted Kennedy who brought the Tuskegee syphilis experiments to an end. It was President John F. Kennedy who had the courage to send troops to defend the civil rights of African-Americans. Now, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continues that tradition with this film. As an African-American, I am extremely proud to be part of this film and all of the amazing people who contributed to making this film possible.”

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         Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

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