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Kinship with All Life

Boone, J. Allen

1954, January 1

kinship life

Is there a universal language of love, a “kinship with all life” that can open new horizons of experience?

Example after example in this unique classic — from “Strongheart” the actor-dog to “Freddie” the fly — resounds with entertaining and inspiring proof that communication with animals is a wonderful, indisputable fact. All that is required is an attitude of openness, friendliness, humility, and a sense of humor to part the curtain and form bonds of real friendship.

For anyone who loves animals, for all those who have ever experienced the special devotion only a pet can bring, Kinship With All Life is an unqualified delight. Sample these pages and you will never encounter “just a dog” again, but rather a fellow member of nature’s own family.

J. Allen Boone began his career as a journalist, then became a pioneer in the Hollywood motion picture industry. Later he was asked to tutor and take charge of Strongheart, the movie dog, an experience recorded in Kinship with All Life which opened up a new career for him. He was appointed commissioner of the new board of animal regulations in Los Angeles, and made human-animal relationships his lifework. J. Allen Boone was a Hollywood figure of impmortance, a lecturer, writer and friend of thousands.

Where to Find Resource Online

The book can be purchased online:

     Amazon — used 1954 edition

     Amazon — 1976 edition

     Harper Collins Publishers — 1976 edition

Digital version that is “borrowable” if a member of Internet Archive:

     Internet Archive — 1954 Edition

     Internet Archive — 1976 Edition

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