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How the Soviet Union Became a Super Power -- Antony C. Sutton Lecture

Sutton, Antony C.

1987, January 1

Sutton 1976 lecture

This is a lecture by Antony C. Sutton that took place in 1976; 2 weeks previous to this lecture his book Wall Street and FDR was published and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler was soon to be published later in 1976.

The topic of this lecture is how the Soviet Union became a Super Power, and is based upon 15 years of research and 6 of Prof. Sutton’s early books. The rise of the Soviet Union would not have happened without the involvement of western financiers. Prof. Sutton has documented the details of all of this, including how the Red Cross was used behind the Bolshevik Revolution. This lecture is a good overview of what really happened behind the scenes where the USSR’s birth and rise are concerned.

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