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Holodomor: Stalin's Secret Genocide

Chalupa, Andrea

2016, January 1


Holodomor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide / Голодомор: прихований геноцид Сталіна (2016)

An estimated ten million Ukrainians died in the early 1930s in a genocide known as Holodomor. The documentary “Holodomor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide” describles Holodomor as narrated by 7 leading historians:

* Anne Applebaum – Pullitzer Prize Winner, author of Red Famine
* Andrea Grazioni – Professor of Hisotry, University of Naples Federico II
* Alexander Motyl – Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University
* Norman Naimark – Professor of History, Stanford University
* Serhii Plokhy – Professor of History, Harvard University
* Timothy Snyder – Professor of History, Yale Univeristy
* Frank Sysyn – Professor of History, University of Alberta

Written and directed by: Andrea Chalupa
Narrated by: Andy Holowaty
Year: 2016

*”March for the Young Nakhimovets” by Loktev Choir
* “Ne Khody Ulane” by the Lemon Bucket Orchestra
* “Oj Polia Vy Polia” by the Lemon Bucket Orchestra

Produced by:
Holodomor National Awareness Tour
Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documenation Center
Holodomor Research and Education Consortium
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Canada Ukraine Foundation

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYG7fKe4JHA (Holodomor National Awareness Tour)


Greater Context

Steve Paikin of The Agenda interviews Anne Applebaum (who is in the above video), a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and Washington Post columnist. She is also a 2018 winner of the Gelber Prize for her book “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine” – a study of the conditions that led to gruesome deaths of about 4 million Ukrainians in the early 1930s.

Link to source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipz9V9S75Xc

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