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Dialogue with Hidden Hand, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

Above Top Secret (Forum)

2008, October 18

Hidden Hand

This self-proclaimed illuminati insider appeared on the “Above Top Secret” forum in October 2008, giving away information about the Illuminati Agenda and their goals. The reason for this, he says, is because time is right for us to know some of what is going on behind the scenes. And when he explains WHY he needs to reveal it now, it’s very convincing. In this article I will post the dialogue between the “Above Top Secret Forum” members and “Hidden Hand” in its entirety.

Please take time to read through this whole dialogue (yes, I know it’s long, but I think we all can benefit from it, even if you end up not believing what is said). When you read it, you need to have an open mind; you can’t be stuck in dogma or think you “have it all figured out” already, because then it doesn’t matter what he says, you won’t believe it.

NOTE: This dialogue can be a challenge to read; a strong grounding in your Faith is recommended!

Also, this dialogue is not as much about what you believe, but what those who comprise the globalist elites/cabal believe.

Where to Find Resource Online

This resource is available as a book which can be purchased online:


Original thread from the Above Top Secret forum:

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Greater Context

The answers provided by the Hidden Hand above are consistent with the messages provided by the Ra in their series, The Law of One. The Hidden Hand is on the side of “service to self” (Darkness) while the Ra are on the side of “service to others” (Light). Check out the Ra material:

     Law of One

Here is a 2016 article by Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics.org:

     Hidden Hand Dialogue reveals Extraterrestrial factor in Illuminati control of Earth

Other resources about the Illuminati:

     Proofs of a Conspiracy: Against All The Religions and Governments Of Europe, Carried On In The Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies

     The Anglo-American Establishment

     Svali Speaks

     Confessions of an Illuminati, Volumes 1 – 5

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