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Get Ready for a World Currency aka Get Ready for the Phoenix

Economist, The

1988, January 9


This is the cover of the magazine The Economist, published over 30 years ago January 9, 1988. Within the article, a prediction is made that there will be a world currency in 30 years; 2018. Calling this world currency “the Phoenix” is interesting in light of a) the current state of the devalued US$ and b) the fact that the Phoenix is a bird that is re-born, arising out of the ashes.

Read this article and compare its contents with the knowledge gained by having 20/20 vision looking in hindsight!

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Greater Context

This is where it can be interesting and informative to see what others say about the context of The Economist’s article “Get Ready for the Phoenix” as viewed 30 years after it’s publishing.  Here are just a couple of articles to check out, but do your own search so as to be able to follow your own personal “bread crumbs.”  Much has been said about this article!

From the Millenium Report, July 2017:  The Economist: “Get Ready For A World Currency By 2018”

From Framing Bitcoin, April 2020: Get ready for a World Currency: The Economist foresees the birth of Bitcoin in 1988

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