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Frenzied Finance: The Crime of Amalgamated

Lawson, Thomas William

1905, January 1

frenzied finance

American businessman Thomas William Lawson (1857-1925) was notorious for his stock manipulations, but that was nothing to the infamy he achieved when he turned against his partners, Henry H. Rogers and William Rockefeller, in the Amalgamated Copper Mining Company. In this 1906 work — a forgotten classic of muckraking by an insider to the crimes uncovered — Lawson told all about the ruthless practices deployed to create this trust, making no bones abut his own involvement.  Pulling no punches, Lawson discusses:

  • “juggling with millions of the people’s money”
  • “bribing a legislature”
  • “the magic world of finance”
  • “how Wall Street’s manipulations affect the country”
  • and much more

As the globe reels from 21st-century financial crimes, this is a stunning reminder of lessons of old that went unheeded.

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