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Forbidden Health: Incurable Was Yesterday

Kalcker, Andreas Ludwig

2018, January 1


Some of you will wonder how can health be forbidden, because initially it does not make any sense at all. This book is the result of many years of data collecting about allegedly incurable diseases by the bio-physicist Andreas Kalcker, who dares to speak the truth, offering solutions where there were none until now. After recovering from a disease deemed incurable himself, he has been able to find out the lowest common denominator to all diseases and the reason behind such an effective therapeutic response that raises polemic among the conventionalists. This book contains everything one needs to set out on a new paradigm about their physical and psychic wellness, at the same time that they discover that within the pharmaceutical industry… nothing is what it seems.

Andreas Kalcker’s new book is written in a simple and comprehensive style that is suitable for both beginners and health professionals, with a valuable collection of data, protocols and recovery testimonials for an A-Z list of diseases.

Where to Find Resource Online

Books about using chlorine dioxide are all but banned by the Globalists, so are not widely available. Here is where the book can be purchased online:

     Voedia (book in English)

     Voedia (PDF in English)

     Clean Hands NJ (buy the book in the US — both english and spanish)

The book is also available in German, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian:

     Voedia (use the menu to locate book by language and by e-book vs printed book)


Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviewed Andreas Kalcker April, 2020:

Source link to this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zn0v9kmyI5uY/

Greater Context

Home website:

     Andreas Kalcker (English)

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