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Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb

Bryson, Chris & Joel Griffiths

1997, September 1

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Introduction: The following article was commissioned by the Christian Science Monitor in the spring of 1997. Despite much favorable comment from editors, and full documentation, the story remains unpublished by the Monitor. By any yardstick, this report was an award-winning scoop for any national paper. The report offers a glimpse into the history of fluoride, a bio-accumulative toxic that Americans ingest every day. The authors, Griffiths and Bryson, spent more than a year on research. With the belief that the information should be withheld no longer, the authors gave their report to Waste Not, and others, with a short note: “use as you wish.”

This introduction is taken from Waste Not #414 (September 1997) where the article was first published. The article went on to be nominated as the year’s 18th most censored story in the 1998 Project Censored Series.

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Greater Context

Christopher Bryson is an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC. After writing the above article, he went on to publish a book:

     The Fluoride Deception

To find out more about the whole fluoride issue, go to the Fluoride Action Network website:

     Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Action Network also has Fan.TV where there is a large archive of videos all pertaining to the fluoride issue:

     Fluoride Action Network Fan.TV

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