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Angels We Have Heard on High: A Book of Seasonal Blessings

Anderson, Joan Wester

1997, November 1

angels anderson

In this beautiful book, New York Times bestselling author Joan Wester Anderson gathers together inspiring true stories of the blessings we receive when we least expect them — a joyful reminder of the timeless power of miracles.

Prayers from people far away bring a long-lost son home. The music of Christmas transforms an irritable Santa Clause line at the mall. A cross glows without electricity in a message of hope, and an angel warms a freezing child. All these and other wonderful stories reveal that when we have faith, we can find ourselves unexpectedly blessed, every day of the year.

Where to Find Resource Online

The book can be purchased online:

     Thrift Books


A PDF version can be “borrowed” or purchased:

     Internet Archive

Greater Context

Numerous other books are available by Joan Wester Anderson about prayer and Angels:

     Loyola Press

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