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AIDS Inc.: Scandal of the Century

Rappoport, Jon

1988, October 1


Virus is NOT the cause. Definition of AIDS is Worthless. Treatment is Poison. “Anyone interested in AIDS must read this book.” Laurence E. Badgley, M.D Author of Healing AIDS Naturally. Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport uncovers the shocking truth about AIDS: Thousands are dying needlessly as the medical world and media pull off the biggest scandal of our time – all for the love of power and money. AIDS INC: takes you on a sizzling behind-the-scenes tour of laboratories, newsrooms and even the White House to expose the real killers behind the disease. It’s the most explosive, myth-shattering book you’ll read this year.

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Greater Context

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for 30 years. Over the last 30 years, Jon’s independent research has encompassed such areas as: deep politics, conspiracies, alternative health, the potential of the human imagination, mind control, the medical cartel, symbology, and solutions to the takeover of the planet by hidden elites. Check out Jon Rappoport’s blog and website.

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