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Context of Who is Behind The Lamp Lighter Website

by JenniLee
2021, April 24

For the purpose of disclosure, one needs to know something about the person who is behind this website.   As stated on the home page, the focus of this website is not about supplying answers and opinions.  It is about providing an easily-accessible repository of resources that may fall outside the accepted official narrative, so that one can do one's own exploration and research for the purpose of seeking one's own truth.

Having said this, when it comes to the "Aid Your Exploration" information offered on the right side of each web page, I'm making an effort to provide some form of guidance for those who might want to have some.  The fact that my beliefs and biases color things to some degree, is unavoidable.  This is why one needs to know what my beliefs and biases are at some rudimentary level, so that this can be taken into account when trying to hone in on your own truth.

Here's a simple overview:

  • I'm neither left, right nor center politically; the closest category I fall into is that of a classical liberal.
  • I am a voluminous reader.
  • I LOVE traveling and exploring cultures; I have lived overseas and have travelled all over the U.S. and around the world.
  • My background is in scientific research (12 years spent in academia) and science education/outreach.
  • I believe in free will, the exceptionalism of the individual, and freedom for all; I am 100% against any form of one individual or group controlling another.  I believe in "live and let live."
  • I was raised as a Christian Scientist, but have since moved to following my own personal spiritual path.
  • I believe Darwin's theories (e.g., "survival of the fittest") were accepted because he was well-connected, and not because he was right.  As such, I do NOT believe in "survival of the fittest" -- I believe that humans and Nature are inherently cooperative.
  • I would be thrilled to see genuine environmentalism on this planet, founded upon love for and balance with Nature.  I'm a huge fan of Machaelle Wright, Founder of Perelandra.
  • I love all humans; I also believe that each person has lived many lives, and outside of any one life, we are all Souls experiencing life, and things like race and religion are just experiences we are all experiencing in a myriad of different ways.  Within that context, to be against any certain type of person is to essentially be against yourself.  We are all connected more than anybody realizes.
  • The best form of government is a decentralized republic that is run by the people FOR the people.
  • I am aligned with austrian economics, which is pro-capitalism.  I must point out, though, that there has been NO "capitalism" in the US for over at least a century, so I am unacquainted with what it would be like to live with actual capitalism (see Capitalism Isn't Corporatism or Cronyism).  Perhaps an "unhampered market economy" would be best!?
  • I believe in the Law of One, and I love and resonate with A Message!
  • I believe there are two types of paths every person on this planet must choose between (as described within The Law of One):
    • service to self:  belief in the ego-based physical universe; primary concern is CONTROL over all aspects of self and others; putting oneself before others, generally "by any means necessary."
    • service to others:  belief in an open multi-dimensional universe; focusing on knowing one's inner self (self-knowledge via self-mastery), so as to reconnect with Source/God; this is being of service to others and to our Creator.

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