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Level 5 Resources: Secret Activities

This page contains Level 5 resources that fall under the subject category of Secret Activities.  Note that "Secret Activities" refers to covert, clandestine or otherwise secret operations or agendas being implemented by the government and/or Deep State (excluding the Secret Space Program, which is its own category).

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Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open warned of a shadow government staffed by the Luciferian elite and their coming Nazi-Communist takeover. And here we are, less than a year later, in unprecedented global lockdown, suffering birth pains that will certainly increase in frequency and intensity. This third, Lockdown Edition of my book sheds a little more light on how we got to where we are today, and where we are headed tomorrow. It consolidates the observations I have made after first publishing Eyes Wide Open, clarifies some abuse memories, and includes relevant blog posts, in one convenient location.

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Stiftung Corona Ausschuss

Investigative Corona Committee Germany

Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people.

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Fall of the Cabal

In mid-February, a truth-teller named Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands posted a carefully constructed and painstakingly created docuseries titled, “Fall of the Cabal.” As one might imagine, it goes into detail regarding real events and provides clear examples with a very compassionate purpose of exposing some of the horrific crimes of the cabal.

Ossebaard explains that her purpose is to wake up people, not traumatize them. In this area of information, this is not an easy task to do, but the documentarian uses examples and poses questions that should become rhetorical to the viewer.

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A Nation Betrayed

A Nation Betrayed is a critical reference on the MKULTRA mind control projects executed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency during the cold war. Rutz documents in great detail, her memory of the nefarious methods used against her as a child by MKULTRA scientists in their attempt to gain complete control of her mind and behavior for intelligence purposes, and substantiates her personal account throughout with related citations from official declassified CIA MKULTRA documents.

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