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Level 4 Resources: Communism

This page contains Level 4 resources that fall under the subject category of Communism.

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Falun Gong Organ Harvesting

A session entitled Falun Gong ‘Live’ Organ Harvesting was held by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice. This includes video providing an overview of organ harvesting as well as testimonials.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice launched the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at an inaugural seating in Westminster, London on April 16-18th 2018. The Falun Gong Organ Harvesting session is part of this.

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Letter from Masanjia

Letter from Masanjia begins when mom of two, Julie Keith, finds an SOS note in a box of “Made in China” Halloween decorations from an Oregon Kmart. The desperate note was written by a political prisoner named Sun Yi, from inside China’s notorious Masanjia labor camp. On the crumpled page that travelled over 5000 miles, he details being jailed for his spiritual beliefs and how he is being subjected to torture and brainwashing tactics. His message goes viral and miraculously leads to the closure of China’s entire labor camp system. But their story is far from over.

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Lenin Red Terror

The Chekist (Russian: Чекист) is a 1992 Russian-French dystopian drama film directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin, based on a 1923 short story by Vladimir Zazubrin. It tells the story of a bloody work and downfall of a Soviet Cheka security official involved in mass executions during the Russian Civil War.

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