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Level 3 Resources: Communism

This page contains Level 3 resources that fall under the subject category of Communism.

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Brainwashed the Movie

We normally sell our DocuMovies, but we are allowing the world to stream Brainwashed America, Part One for FREE because of the serious threats facing America. We must inform the American people of the ultimate weapon of disinformation, information operations, psychological warfare or what is commonly called, ‘brainwashing.’

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Che Guevara

The standard-bearer of choice for the hyped-up Cuban Revolution is Che Guevara.  The pervasiveness and worldwide reach of a romanticized view of Che, enshrined in iconic imagery, is a unique phenomenon of modern history.  However, it lacks solid grounding in historical facts.  This publication adds new testimonial and photographic material to the extensive bibliography on Che Guevara that has been woefully lacking on his victims.  Their stories too deserve to be told.  The first version of this publication is from May 2011.  This second edition, of December 2020 contains considerable updates and editions.

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Uyghur Women Brutalities

The #Uyghur​ human rights crisis has received increased attention as of late, but action to stop the atrocities has been slow on the part of the international community. Uyghur #women​ in particular have been especially brutalized by the #Chinese​ regime’s policies.
We will hear from individuals with firsthand knowledge of these atrocities, the current situation, and the international response.

Moderator: Julie Millsap, Communications Director for #CampaignforUyghurs​

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Mass Internment of Uighurs

In western China, there’s a growing network of what journalists, former inmates, and the U.S. government are calling “concentration camps” — or what the Chinese government refers to as “vocational training centers.” They’re believed to hold between 1 and 3 million people, and perhaps as much as one-quarter of the Muslim population of Xinjiang province.

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The Uyghur Crisis

Over the past decade, the Chinese Communist Party’s imprisonment of the Uyghur people has been the largest internment of an ethnic minority since World War 2. Lawyer and activist Nury Turkel spoke at the 2019 Oslo Freedom Forum to advocate for the freedom of those living in conditions that have been compared to Stalin’s Gulag and Nazi Germany.

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Red Terror

The Civil War in Russia was a time of merciless fighting between the Reds and Whites. A century ago the Bolsheviks resorted to their own Red Terror in a bid for victory.

The following article from Russia Beyond addresses:

  1. What was the Red Terror?
  2. Why did the Red Terror happen?
  3. How did it start?
  4. Did all Bolsheviks endorse the Red Terror?
  5. How many people were killed during the Red Terror?
  6. What was the White Terror about?
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Holodomor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide / Голодомор: прихований геноцид Сталіна (2016)

An estimated ten million Ukrainians died in the early 1930s in a genocide known as Holodomor. The documentary “Holodomor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide” describles Holodomor as narrated by 7 leading historians:

* Anne Applebaum – Pullitzer Prize Winner, author of Red Famine
* Andrea Grazioni – Professor of Hisotry, University of Naples Federico II
* Alexander Motyl – Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University
* Norman Naimark – Professor of History, Stanford University
* Serhii Plokhy – Professor of History, Harvard University
* Timothy Snyder – Professor of History, Yale Univeristy
* Frank Sysyn – Professor of History, University of Alberta


The highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is at it again. Today, still living undercover in the United States, the man credited by the CIA as the only person in the Western world who single-handedly demolished an entire enemy espionage service — the one he himself managed — takes aim at an even bigger target: the exotic, widely misunderstood but still astonishingly influential realm of the Russian-born “science” of disinformation. Indeed, within these pages, Pacepa, along with his co-author, historian and law professor Ronald Rychlak, expose some of the most consequential yet largely unknown disinformation campaigns of our lifetime.

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Killer Chic

“Killer Chic” tours the hellholes of totalitarianism through the eyes of Paquito D’Rivera, who left Cuba for artistic freedom and ended up becoming a Grammy Award-winning jazz player, and Kai Chen, a former member of the Chinese national basketball team whose relatives were hauled off under Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution.  “Killer Chic” is a fascinating and troubling foray into Hollywood’s shallow–and callow–appropriation of murderous thugs.

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Stalin Inside the Terror

Joseph Stalin emerged as the true victor of World War II. Once the treaties were signed, he gained a vast empire in the East. But this was not enough. Soon he began to exert a malign influence over Russia using suspicion, murder and terror. This intimate portrait attempts to define the man behind the dictator, and tries to understand how a once principled man could transform into an evil despot.

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